Running Mapped Subsearches Without Limits In Splunk

If you’re running saved searches in Splunk as subsearches inside of the map command, they are bound by the subsearch limitation. This is an alternative command that doesn’t have this limitation as it starts a new job for each subsearch. To use it, instead of calling: | makeresults | map test You’re using: | makeresults | mapsearch search=test Missing the full flexibility of map, the command also passes each event’s values as input parameters to each called saved search....

March 27, 2022 · 1 min · Marcus Schiesser

Multi-level markers using Google Maps for Flash

September 30, 2008 · 0 min · admin

Google Maps API for Flex

As I pointed out before, it’s unfortunately not possible to use Flex components as info windows for Google Maps. Another issue is that the map is not available as a Flex component itself, therefore it’s a bit complicated to use it in Flex. So I thought to address these issues in a little Google Maps API for Flex that you can download here under BSD license. With openFlexInfoWindows I also added a method that allows you to use multiple Flex components as info window at once - nicely seperated in tabs....

September 9, 2008 · 1 min · admin

Adding custom info windows to Google Maps in Flex

I just tried to create a custom info window for a Google Map using the Google Maps API For Flash. Unfortunately it does not seem to work as expected by setting the customContent property in an object of type InfoWindowOptions. Therefore I wrote this little workaround that creates a popup window: private function createInfoWindow(map:Map, marker:Marker, infoWindow:Class):IFlexDisplayObject { var popup:IFlexDisplayObject = PopUpManager.createPopUp(map, infoWindow); var globalPos:Point = map.localToGlobal(map.fromLatLngToViewport(marker.getLatLng())); popup.move(globalPos.x - popup.width/2, globalPos.y - popup....

August 20, 2008 · 1 min · admin