You know PicLens? If not I highly recommend taking a look at that marvelous picture search tool.

Especially interesting is the 3D view of the pictures - you can easily navigate through a whole bunch of pictures by using your mouse.

I thought it would be nice to integrate such a picture view in your own Flex application, so I played around a bit with the 3D album tutorial from Bartek Drozdz and after a couple of days finished a nice little component that could be easily embedded in your own applications.

To show you how easy it is to integrate the component, just watch the examples below. Also find here the complete source-code with examples - licensed under the friendly BSD license.

Update: You want to participate in the development of the component? There’s a Google code page for this 3D album component available now.

Start Fruit Example

Want some fruits? - Source Code

Start Flickr Search Example

Flickr search - Source Code